Acharya Balkrishna climbs 2 unnamed, unclimbed icebergs

Acharya Balkrishna meditating at an iceberg in Himalayas.
Acharya Balkrishna meditating at an iceberg in Himalayas.

Excelsior Correspondent
haridwar, Sept 6: General Secretary of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Acharya Balkrishna today climbed two unnamed and unclimbed icebergs in Himalayas and named them as ‘Kailash’ and ‘Nandi’.
Uttarakand is called Devbhoomi. When someone gets the ‘darshan’ of Nandi along with Ohm Kailash, he will suddenly say, impossible! wonderful! unimaginable! Acharya Balkrishna also had similar feelings when he reached between Shreekanth Mountain and Harshil Horn Peak-2 to climb the two unnamed and unclimbed icebergs whose height was approximately 17500 feet.
Acharya Balkrishna kept staring at these icebergs as in these icebergs, he was getting ‘darshan’ of Ohm as well as the real Kailash and with this, Acharya ji’s eagerness, energy and desire to climb these icebergs increased manifold. Not only this, there was no limit to his surprise when ‘Nandi’ shaped iceberg was also visible to him. The height of this iceberg was about 16500 feet.
Acharyaji, along with Colonel Bhadauria, Principal of Nehru Mountaineering Institute and Patanjali’s team, decided that two different teams would climb ‘Ohm’ mountain and ‘Nandi’ mountain and Patanjali family is proud that under the leadership of Acharya Balkrishna, Patanjali not only successfully climbed the two nameless and unclimbed icebergs but also able to see ‘Kailash’ and ‘Nandi’ together in the divine Himalayas by the grace of God. That’s why Acharya ji named these unnamed and unclimbed peaks as ‘Kailash’ and ‘Nandi’ peaks.
On the occasion, Acharya Balkrishna said that this will prove to be a milestone in making the Devbhoomi and Dev culture of our Uttarakhand worldwide and it will pave a new path for awakening the spiritual consciousness of the people.
The mountaineering team mainly included Dr Rajesh Mishra, Dr Bhaskar Joshi, Suraj and Lokesh Panwar along with Acharya ji. Colonel Bhadauria, Saurav Rautela, Girish Rankoti, Ravindra Singh, Govind Ram, Anup Panwar etc. were present on behalf of Nehru Mountaineering Institute (NIMS).