Accidents galore

Across the world accidents have emerged as the major cause of morbidity and mortality, more so in the younger population. Accidents rob us of the most productive years of our life time. If they donot kill they leave you debilitated.Every accident is a cause of concern  because accidents are preventable. In fact across the world literature has found a new name for accidents that is ‘crash’. This is purely to signify the preventable nature of accidents.
There has been a major spurt in the occurance of accidents over the last decade or so. Reports say that six years back  one person used to die of an accident every six minutes. It droped down to a death occuring due to accidents every three minutes three years back. Currently one person dies of accidents every 1.6 minute. The statistics are alarming. But the situation can be saved through three Es’ i.e Engineering, Enforcement and Education.
Better road designs with emphasis on separate walk ways for pedestrian with Zebra crossing across all roads may be a good beginning. Strict enforcement in the use of seat belts and helmets can make an accident less fatal. However, the key will be in providing education. Education should be focussed on behaviour change with a special emphasis on  road safety. Young children need to be involved pro-actively in spreading  the message of road safety. It is this multi pronged approach that is going to save us from this major killer.
Yours etc….
S N Raina, Jammu


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