Abolition of M-Forms

Old procedure, with regard to migrants ballot continues for 2024, Parliamentary elections in the country. The practice of filling of M-Forms has not seen abolished although voices in this connection has have raised time and again. This procedure is complicated one and as such restrict many voters towards casting of vote. Old and infirm cannot exercise voting right under this complex procedure. Migrants a minuscule minority is scattered in and outside the country.
In this connection postal ballot is the right option in the process of voting exercise. Election Commission has kept reserved many polling booths for migrants to cast their votes. People having voter identity cards can easily cast their votes and I think there is no need of filling of M-Form. One can show the identity voter card in the concerned booth and use the right to vote. With regard to postal ballot, copy of the voter identity card has to be acknowledged as right to ballot. Abolition of M-Forms can pave way towards the large participation of migrants in the coming elections. The election authority is requested for simplification of voting process for migrants in our paragon of democracy.
S N Raina