Abolishment of vacant posts

This has reference to editorial “Abolishment of vacant posts” DE Mar 12, 2023. In this connection it is submitted that the unemployed youth waiting for employment for the last ten years were hopeful to get jobs. But at the same time the Finance Deptt, J&K issued circular No. FD-Codes/67/2022-03-131 Dt 6-3-23, that posts lying vacant for more than two years should be abolished.
This circular has badly hit the sentiments of the youth who are sailing through alarming unemployment. Pertinent to mention that no recruitment Notice from Education Department has been issued from 2014-15 for recruitment of teachers and lecturers and during this time thousands of students acquired higher qualifications like P.hd NET M.Sc and much more. During all these years thousands of teachers and lecturers 10+2 posts got vacant due to retirement and new creation. Now if these thousands of vacancies are abolished, who will run the schools and what about those unfortunate employed who burnt mid-night oil to acquire prestigious degrees with top ranking. Due to administrative reasons these posts remained vacant, so the poor unemployed should not be punished for this. The Govt is going to implement NEP-2020 and if minimum staff strength sanctioned in a school is not provided, how will the NEP – be implemented and how will the schools function. Already there is acute shortage of actual working staff against sanctioned posts and the system will collapse,if sufficient staff is not provided.
So some departments like Education and Health should be exempted from this circular of Finance Department. Both education and health are the foundations of a Nation. Other departments can work with less staff but a school cannot function properly. Let us count number of subject-wise periods per class per day and the requirement of staff to teach all subjects as per period will speak genuineness of need of sufficient staff in a school, if the Govt wants fruitful outcome of teaching learning process. So it is requested that all the posts lying vacant in education and health be at once referred for recruitment and this circular be withdrawn in broad national interest.
Rajinder Anthal
Trikuta Nagar, Jammu