Abhinav Theatre

This has reference to the Sunday Magazine article “Renovation’ keeps Abhinav Theatre closed’ DE Dec 7. It is quite disappointing on learning that the the renovation of the art centre located at the heart of the city is still in process and has kept it out of bounds for artistes. The administration should have been careful to ensure timely completion of the work.
The renovation has hampered all the cultural activities in the city. Since there is no such other centre, all artistes have their eyes on it. It is difficult for artistes to hire others buildings for performing cultural activities due to high rates they charge. The artist community usually remains concerned about arranging huge sums of money. They have to depend on Government doles and private sponsors to perform activities or stage dramas.
The Art, Culture, and Languages administration should lose no further time to make it functional.
Yours etc…..
Romesh Kumar
Pacca Danga,


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