Abdullah Abdullah asks Pak to give up terrorism as state policy

NEW DELHI: Without naming Pakistan, Afghanistan’s chief executive Abdullah Abdullah on Thursday attacked the country, saying that differentiation between good and bad terrorists and turning a blind eye to countries that use terrorism as an instrument of state policy can have catastrophic effects.

Dr Abdullah said peace in Afghanistan and in the region would not be possible without Pakistan changing its policy of sponsoring terror. He was speaking at the HT Leadership Summit here. Dr Abdullah said that his country was making all efforts to  to overcome years of geopolitical abuse and terrorist attacks.

“In reality, these dark forces and misguided policies do not just threaten us, they threaten all societies, nation states, our cultural heritage and humanity as a whole,” he said. “Paradoxically, those who nurture and enable terrorism and extremist networks do so for short-sighted and misplaced intentions. They also engage in such activities at their own peril. This is why such strategies are a failure and have brought nothing but misery and hardship to all sides, including the perpetrators themselves.” Dr Abdullah said. (AGENCIES)


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