A unique Initiative Senior Support Service Club

O P Sharma
Senior Support Service Club at Chowadi, Jammu is a unique venture conceived by Usha Gupta, social activist and Dr. Kasturi Lal, a renowned Gynaecologist, former Principal Govt. Medical college Jammu and Director, Lajwanti Medical Trust has arranged utilization of the premises as the rented accommodation for creating a boarding place to foster recreational activities for the elderly .
The club is located at village Chowadi, on a hill- top commanding nature’s serene view on the Sainik colony, Bye-pass Road. A unique experiment started approximately six years back at Jammu in the winter capital of J&K territory to provide platform for recreational activities in lively environment to elderly persons in the twilight period of their life. This premier institution, known as Senior Support Service Club was inaugurated in the presence of eminent citizens of Jammu and this institution has steadily gained the percentage of elderly who have been looking forward to recreation center since long in the city.
Highly special techniques were used to design the building complex spread over 3.5 kanal area having distinguished features like well- laid garden, ambient sitting spaces, walk way, playing ground, meeting rooms, a kitchen as well as a decorated lounge for rest and recreation.
Good Beginning
In the month of December 2022, the founders constituted a managing committee of the club duly elected by the general body. The committee has been tasked to upgrade the functioning of the club and augment existing recreative activities. The members of the duly elected managing committee consist of Patron- Kailash Langer; Chairman, Dr. Kasturi Lal; President, Ashok Gupta; Vice- President: Er. S K Jain, Annil Suri, Raman Suri; Secretary- General, Maj. Gen. (Retd). S K Sharma; Secretaries, Jagdish Langer, Varinder Gupta, Dr. Shafiqa Bano and Secretary Finance, H.C Vaid.
According to Usha Gupta and Dr. Kasturi Lal who have promoted this initiative, this center during its course of approximately six years, has grown in size and structure as also proved to be a source of recreation for elderly, a forum for social interaction where choice is provided to the members without encumbrance for play, read, eat and discussion in friendly environment. The motive is to create an engagement platform for senior citizens to build a support network, boost their self-esteem and live an active life. Apart from creating lively and cheerful atmosphere at boarding center, with a mission to provide access to all privileges, dignity and facilities which elderly really deserve.
The club facilitates the individuals and organizations which are associated with the welfare of senior citizens. While in the month of October. 2022 the club facilitated the members of the “Home for Aged and infirm, Jammu. During this meeting, the club facilitated Vijay Bhagotra General Secretary, Home for Aged and infirm, Amphalla, Jammu and also OP Sharma, the author of this write-up for their services to the society. While in April 2023, the members were provided Certificate of Top 100 social activists to its distinguished members.
In an interview, Promotors felt: “lack of companionship basically can result in gradual depression and others mental disorders. Elderly suffers because of reduced mobility, decline in engagement and limited reach of the health system and added that the studies suggested that community bonding and community participation would be beneficial in such cases.
Phsycological trauma caused to elderly due to isolation is immense. The feeling of left alone to fend for themselves stems from the thought of neglect by the off springs”.
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