A step towards spirituality

Adarsh Ajit

Name of the book : Hitankshi
Poet : Makhal Lal Bhat Muflis
Year of publication : 2017

No doubt most of the poets are randomly plunging into writing of devotional poetry that is substandard but definitely there are some poets who can pass through the sieve of standards laid down by the traditional and established devotional poetry writers. Makhan Lal Bhat Muflis may not be in race with some established devotional poetry writers but his commitment and resolve towards a philosophy is highly commendable. In his talk, Muflis also admits that his devotional poems may not pass the yardstick but he hopes for some divine fertility. For his inspirational outflow he gives credit to Swami Kumar Ji of Geeta Satsang Ashram Muthi.
Under the circumstances where the poet’s inner and outer are enveloped by the black fog of materialism he confesses his failure in watering and nourishing the tree of spirituality which would link him with Almighty. Feeling that the strings of his spirituality did not produce rhythmic divinity in the absence of concentration he begs pardon for his follies. Otherwise the warmth of feeling the presence of Invincible was always in his every heart-beat.
Makhan Lal Muflis in his maiden book of devotional poetry Hitankshi says that somewhere some mistakes have occurred resulting into the conflict and enmity within. Catching hold of the falsehood and the mundane he has lost the way. Even his ears proved deaf otherwise sweetness of the flute of Krishna was/is evidently present everywhere but it needs spiritual vision to recognize and acknowledge it:
katitaam rotmut tchus parepaapav/shaapav vaapas onus yore/manas mae lajmatcch katitaam athar/paenpaanas tshutr draas (I proved enemy of my own self. I am entangled in the mesh of sins. That is why I am taking continuous rebirths).
Understanding the core of Bhagwat Gita that lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride are the prime hurdles between him and HIM he tries to unsheathe the mundane mindset. He has resolved to come out from the deep ravines of delusion and take rejuvenated flight for the destination. Comparing his rising but false ego with the roaring of the lions Muflis is prepared to face cautiously every kind of rough weather on way ahead:
vaen tchu harduk aav aav/moh ta kal vaara vaara traav/sah grazun ta dabraai traav/ moh ta kal vaara vaara traav(Leave attachment and aspiration gradually as the spiritual autumn is ahead).
Understanding that the ocean that leads to divine lighthouse is awfully deep and in absence of any earned spiritual tools it is cumbersome to cross it Muflis worries about the safe boating. He knows that the tall mansions, materialistic aspirations, filthy environ and murky actions have rusted his receptivity and thus his nakedness is exposed:
rang banglas manz guzravem ratchai/ang ang jang log, goas az kaar/ naar lagi banglas, gatchi neth nonye/chand tchum tchonye kith lagi taar (I spent nights in mansions and the senses fought leaving me devotionally hurt. The mansions will finish but how can I swim as I am empty).
The poet’s heart bleeds for want of a vision. He is terribly restive. His existential senses are not in unison. He knows his lip-prayers are worthless unless there is deep and frantic devotion. He is roaming in the dense desert and jungles of ignorance. Unfolding that he does not know how to chant mantras on the beads Muflis utterly surrenders before the divine mother pleading HER to have a pity and to enlighten him so that darkness dispels:
Noting that Gita is the panacea for all problems, here and hereafter, Muflis conveys that listening/reading/reciting Gita disarrays the darkness, removes the difficulty, removes the fear of death as its contains the world’s top secret. Besides he gives all credentials to any Guru who can take his disciple to the destiny:
Being the backbone of Literature in Exile Rinku Koul has beautifully worked for computer composing of Makhan Lal Bhat Muflis’s Hitankshi which consists of 29 devotional poems including Guru Vandana, Geeta Gyan, Gattai kaastam Jattadaar, Param Dhaam, Krishna Murli Dhun and Maha Gaytri.


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