A spin to the modern love tale with mobile apps

NEW DELHI, Sept 27:

Single and ready to mingle? But don’t have a clue where to find your dream match. Enter dating apps, which are ready to give you a wide field to choose from and more, all within a safety net.

It’s time to move over mobile apps selling clothes and groceries, for there is love, at least a chance at love to be found on dating apps, which have sprung up in India in recent months and are claiming to be doing well.

Dating apps like ‘TrulyMadly’ step in, calling itself the safest dating and matchmaking platform for Indian singles today.

The rationale behind creating the app meant to cater to an Indian mindset, available for Android, iOS and Windows users, is revealed by Sachin Bhatia, CEO and Co-Founder of TrulyMadly who says a visible shift in social and cultural norms is being witnessed in India, which makes it the right market for such an app.

“There are independent minded girls who want to date beyond the confines of cast, creed and religion. All they were asking for was a safe environment to do this. That’s what we are attempting to build,” Bhatia told PTI in a interview.

Another Indian matchmaking app, ‘Woo’ available for Android, iOS users, in its recently released television commercial sets the idea straight- the love of your life maybe be right around you, but you’ll never know and that’s where the app will help.

“Demanding careers, long commutes, with time being life’s most precious currency where meeting someone special becomes quite challenging and people are acknowledging that.

“Luckily, India has adopted technology as the same pace. With over 1 million users on Woo and around 10,000 matches forming everyday, we can see how people have embraced this new approach to making connections,” says Sumesh Menon, Co-Founder and CEO, Woo.

Even ‘TrulyMadly’, with over a million users is out with their TVC which coins a new term, ‘Boy Browsing’- girls checking out men along with their best friends.

“The TVC is a part of TrulyMadly’s ongoing Bestie campaign, which highlights how the dating app is available round the clock, like a girl’s bestie, to point out all suitable boys for dating,” says Bhatia of Truly Madly.

What’s more is that these apps are going all out to ensure that the match making happening is fool-proof, like ‘TrulyMadly’ does a social profiling based on Facebook, LinkedIn to weed out profiles of married people who may get in. Their target audience is clear- Singles looking for love.

Keeping in mind the fears of women users, ‘Woo’ offers features like masking the names of female users and displaying only initials, masking workplace details so that women should be in complete control of their experience on the app.

Menon of ‘Woo’ points out an interesting pattern, that of the younger generation keen to take over reigns of matchmaking in their own hands.

“There are a lot of people between the ages of 25 to 35 who want to take the whole matchmaking process into their own hands, rather than entrust it to family.

“Since available matrimonial platforms didn’t appeal to them, there was the need of a modern approach to finding love and a life partner,” he says.

And there may even be good news for proponents of classic ideals of romance, for some matches made on these apps are finding their way up to the marriage altar, that too with the full works. These apps have testimonials and wedding invitations sent to their offices to prove that! (PTI)


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