A role for Panchayats

Refer article ‘Panchayats and child sex ratio’ DE July 19.
Panchayats which are gradually evolving as administrative units in the State can emerge as centres for socio-economic change in our rural areas. The suggestions as has been put forth by the author in the article are of great help. Panchayats can play an important role in tackling child sex ratio at grass root level.
The recent decision of Khap Panchayat in Haryana that female foeticide should be stopped forthwith has received wide appreciation from length and breadth of the country. This decision will certainly help in reducing child sex ratio in the State.
Panchyat members being fully aware of the local issues and customs will be more successful  than any foreign agency or NGO working on the same mission.
There is urgent need to entrust Panchayats with this social responsibility also, so that a society where equality is ensured to  both sexes takes birth.
Yours etc….
Ravinder Rasgotra


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