A lesson in leadership in crisis

Sameer Rekhi

Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi’s address to the people of Indian nation on May 12, 2020 would be remembered for its eloquence and visionary content for a long time to come. As always, he placed welfare and unique resilience of the Indian people in times of crisis at the heart of his motivational message. His assertions about Bharat’s all inclusive view of entire humanity and immense contributions of Indians to global community’s progress and well being stand out for their egalitarian appeal as much as for Vasudevaye Kutumbakam (Entire humanity is a family).
The visionary message had a few salient points, which if understood and implemented well have the potential to transform Indian economy and the future of its people not to mention global recognition of its spiritual model of development and enterprise.
A few important stand out areas he emphasised upon are as follows :
* Unlike some self serving, belligerent and expansionist countries, India has always been a torch bearer of peace, tolerance, non interference and benevolent contribution to entire humanity irrespective of its bearings or beliefs
* Being self reliant and having local orientation in demand and supply chain is always the best policy. “Self Reliant India” as the slogan would go
* Reforms with respect to land acquisition laws, ease of business dynamics, infrastructure sufficiency, labour and taxation are the immediate need of the hour which would be vigorously initiated in the days to come. He hinted at the historical relevance of these reforms as were those of 1991
* Rural economy is the backbone of India and its constituents need to be supported and further assimilated in the global chain of trade. Cottage industry,farmers,fishermen,labourers et al would all get a share in the Mega Package of around 20 lakh crores ie 10% of GDP of India
* An All India effort and confidence in its capacity and deliverance to be the driving force to make India not just a leading economy of the world but also its ethical and humanitarian torch bearer
* Corona being a pandemic never heard of in history before is to be fought against valiantly, not to be overwhelmed by it. Taking all desired precautions while working for one’s family and nation is the primary responsibility of each citizen now. The show must go on despite all obstacles
This being the essence of our PM’s statesmanlike message, we all have a duty to not only proclaim but to make “ Mera Bharat Mahaan “ in the eyes of Global Community!
Let’s make all out efforts to realise this vision lest it is lost !


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