A Golden opportunity to India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the opportunity of his lifetime to make a global difference to India’s status on the world stage when India assumes the G20 presidency on December 1 for a period of one year. The Prime Minister himself has called it a “huge opportunity” for India in his November 27 edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Modi, who is used to big pronouncements, kept it simple while stressing that India must utilize the opportunity to focus on “global good”.
So far, so good. Prime Minister Modi had taken over the G20 chair from Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Bali earlier this month. Sunday, November 27, Modi said, “Be it peace or unity, sensitivity towards environment or sustainable development, India has solutions to challenges related to all such things.”
Modi appeared keen to share the leadership of the G20 with common Indians. He spoke of a hand-woven G20 logo sent to him by a Telangana resident who said it was a matter of great pride for India to host the 2023 G20 Summit. Modi couldn’t believe his eyes and ears to know that even a commoner could be so affected by India hosting the G20 summit.
For somebody who loves to be the cynosure on the world stage, India assuming the G20 presidency and New Delhi holding the 2023 G20 Summit is like bringing the world home. That said, even as India assumes G20 leadership, the world is facing a plethora of challenges that calls for global attention.
Sushil Kutty
On- e-mail