A book for businessmen

Dr Aparna Mathur
Title of the Book: Essentials of Modern Marketing – Bangladesh Edition
Author of the Book:Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ridhwanul Haq

The extraordinary book, “Essentials of Modern Marketing: Bangladesh Edition” by Kotler Impact Inc. is a treasure trove of business knowledge. This book marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind on market-specific success stories of Bangladesh. The 18 captivating business cases featured in this book is a collection of real-life scenarios that represent the inspiring stories within the realm of modern marketing. The renowned authors behind the documentation of these business cases left no stone unturned in representing the paradigm-shifting booming businesses that Bangladesh has seen over the past few decades.
In line with the purpose of elevating the success stories of Bangladeshi businesses, Dr. Mohammad Ridhwanul Haq has authored five extraordinary cases featured in the book as the lead author. Each case is vigilantly crafted to provide valuable insights and innovative approaches that can shape the marketing landscape. His reputation as a dedicated Professor at the prestigious Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka, lends further credibility to the book. His years of expertise and contribution in the academic industry have ensured that each case is thought-provoking, engaging, and rich with practical wisdom. Moreover, the recent success of his book on “Bangladesh Business Cases” shows his immense dedication for the economic significance of the country.
While the case of “Padma Bridge: Highway to Bengal Heaven,” unravels the captivating story of a monumental infrastructure project, it also highlights the potential of a landmark bridge like the Padma Bridge to be sent as a strong signal to global investors. Dr. Haq took it upon his shoulder to pioneer the path of the story of Padma Bridge impacting the economy of Bangladesh. The initialisation of strategic marketing approaches opens up new avenues for trade and investment, improves infrastructure, attracts foreign direct investment, promotes tourism, and instills confidence in the nation.
Similarly, ” (CLUSTER VILLAGE) : COMMITTING FOR COMMUNITY CARE,” unveils a heartwarming tale of commitment and community-driven marketing initiatives. On the other hand, “Shwapno: Turning Pandemic Nightmare into Dreams” sheds light on the resilience and innovative strategies of a renowned retail chain amidst the challenging times of the pandemic. This case demonstrates how Shwapno, through their adaptive and flexible marketing approaches, successfully turned adversity into an opportunity for growth and redefined the retail landscape in Bangladesh. On the other hand, the remarkable journey of a brand dedicated to promoting hygiene and wellness has been thoroughly explored in the case “Popularizing Hygiene in Fresh Tissue”. The case exemplifies the result of effective marketing campaigns and initiatives to create awareness on hygiene practices. Lastly, the case of “Fresh Refined Sugar – Value Integration for Sweetness” unravels the strategic marketing endeavors that propelled a refined sugar brand to capture the hearts and taste buds of consumers.
Together, these five cases provide a comprehensive view of successful marketing strategies employed by businesses in Bangladesh. He has created the first ever business cases platform, Business Case Research Council (BCRC). Needless to say, he is relentlessly working towards showcasing the achievements of Bangladeshi businesses, thus enhancing their global representation through the establishment of such remarkable platforms like BCRC.
By analyzing successful marketing strategies and showcasing local success stories, this book holds immense economic significance for Bangladesh. It will inspire future entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders to drive economic progress and create lasting impact glocally.
By celebrating the achievements of these businesses, the transformative potential of marketing will be highlighted which will contribute to the economic growth of Bangladesh. This book is recommended to all who seek to expand their understanding of marketing and unlock new avenues of success.