72 Patwaris shifted

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 14: The Government has issued transfer orders of 72 Patwaris in Jammu district.
Patwari Mohammed Razak was transferred from Patwar Halqa (PH) Tophsherkhnia to PH Digiana vice Noor Mohammed who was shifted to PH Gadi Garh.
Suram Singh, Patwari Chakvatra was posted as Patwari Birpur Samba, Karnail Singh was transferred from Kotli Shah Dulla to Gangyal, Raman Raj Sharma from Satwari II to Badhor II against available vacancy, Yousf Ali from Kote to Palora Ist, Sakinder Kumar from SO Office Jammu to Sunjwan, Asmat from Barnai to Chak Changrawan Bhalwal and Bashir Ahmed attached with Tehsildar Settlement Jammu was transferred to Domana vice Dinesh Kumar.
Jagdeep Singh was transferred from Chouwadi to Patwari Settlement Office Jammu, Hanief Choudhary from Tiko Tada Gole to Muthi, Mohammed Ashraf Additional Patwari Sunjwan was posted as Patwari Sunjwan against available vacancy, Dinesh Kumar awaiting orders of posting was transferred  to Tophsherkhania, Vijay Kumar from Burn to Barnai, Liquat Ali from Nagbani Flora to Keeran Bantalab, Javid Iqbal from DC Office Samba to PH Bishnah, Ajay Paul from tehsil office Rajouri to Domana Mishriwala, Kaleem Ahmad from Raipour to Kalakam, Mohammed Rafiq Patwari awaiting orders of adjustment was posted as Patwari Gadigarh, Noor Mohammed was shifted from Gadigarh to Halqa Burn and Abdul Majid was transferred from Gaddigarh  to Sarore Bishnah.
Meanwhile, DC Jammu following the arrest of Patwari Dinesh Singh by Vigilance organization and his subsequent suspension by the Department, has also issued transfer orders of 72 Patwaris in the district Jammu.
Mohan Lal was transferred from Seri Panditan, Jammu to Nagrota II, Khurshid Mohammed from Purkhoo Gari to Pargwal Akhnoor, Naridner Kumar from Nagrota II to Tophsherkhaina, Nazir Ahmed from Katal Batal II to Suchetgarh, R S Pura, Chaman Lal from Bhamyal to Sohanjana Ist, Ramesh Chander from Jhajjar Kotli to Sum II, Mohammed Rafi from Jandrah to Khandwal Ist, Mohan Singh from Khatra to Chak Agra, R S Pura, Mohammed Ashraf, Kanyala to Khandwa IIIrd, Shakti Kumar from Dhan to Akalpur Ist, Suresh Kumar from Amb to Jhajar Kotli, Shabir Ahmed Gorse from Naugran II to Bakore Akhnoor, Raghbir Chand from Saharan I & Saharn IInd to Akhnoor, Khursheed Hussain from Mandal Ist to Panjore, Vijay Kumar form Mandal Ist & Sohanjana-Ist to Jadh Akhnoor.
Gopal Sharma has been transferred from Chak Kana-I Marh-I Gangochak Jammu and posted at Seri Panditan. Pawan Kumar is transferred from Chak Kana-I to Purkhoo Garhi, Darshan Kumar from  Gangochak to Hamirpur, Joginder Paul from Akalpir-I and Datrial-II to Bhalwal Mula, Surinder Gupta from Khandwal to Gangochak, Irfan Khan from Satwari-III to Bhamyal, MOhd Shafiq from Sum-I to Gagrial.
MOhd Maqbool, who was attached with DC office on complaint basis, is posted at R S Pura Khan. Jyoti Ram, Shushil Kumar, Rajinder Singh, Deep Raj, Narinder Kumar Laramdad Khan and Mohd Rashid, who were awaiting posting, have  posted at Marh-I, Maralia, Dhindey Kalan, Dartrial II, Amb, Purana Pind and  Dhan, respectively.
Mahesh Singh is transferred from R S Pura Khas to Nagrota -I, Rattan Lal from Purana Pind R S Pura  to Pindi Charkan in Bishnah, Pardeep Singh from Gondla in R S Pura to Chak Khana-I in Jammu and Altaf Hussain from Chohalla R S Pura to Saidgarh Bishnah.
Sandeep Kohli has been transferred from Maralia, RS Pura as Reader to DC Jammu, Firdous Ahmed from Darsopur, RS Pura to Ghaink, Jammu, Prem Singh from Dhinday Kala, RS Pura to Khairi, Bishnah, Vinay Kumar from Chak Nanak, RS Pura to Rehal Kalaiinderia, Bishnah, Parshotam Lal from Talhar, RS Pura to Koolkalan, Bishnah, Allah Ditta from Rathana, RS Pura to Karyal Brahmana, Bishnah, Bal Krishan from Parlah, RS Pura to Kathar, Bishnah, Sunny Kumar from Suchetgarh, RS Pura to Majua Uttami, Bishnah, Mohammad Sayeed from Chakroi, RS Pura to Mandal I, Sandesh Kumar from Sai Kalam, RS Pura to Khara Akhnoor, Bua Ditta from Office Patwari, RS Pura to Chak Majra, Bishnah, Kuldeep Kumar Bhat from Office Patwari, RS Pura to Chakroi, RS Pura, Kamal Kishore from Chorli, Bishnah to Chohalla, RS Pura, Bushan Kumar from Majua Uttami, Bishnah to Office Patwari, RS Pura, Manmohan Singh from Ratnal, Bishnah to Satwari III, RS Pura, Romesh Chander from Karyal Brahmana, Bishnah to Rathana, RS Pura, Farooq Ahmed from Pindi Charkan, Bishnah to Sum I, Jammu, Ajay Kumar from Chak Majra, Bishnah to Arnia, Bishnah, Rattan Chand from Rehal Kalandrian, Bishnah to Dilli, Jammu, Ram Paul from Saidgarh Bishnah to Talhar, RS Pura, Padam Kumar from Khour, Akhnoor to Nardi, Akhnoor, Ram Krishan from Hamirpur, Akhnoor to Mandrian, Akhnoor, Mohammad Sultan from Gigrial, Akhnoor to Darsopur, RS Pura, Kuldeep Raj from Devipur, Akhnoor to Gandarwan, Akhnoor, Rakesh Verma from Bakore, Akhnoor to Sungal, Akhnoor, Girdhari Lal from Muthi Maira, Akhnoor to Pangairi, Akhnoor, Sarwan Singh from Jadh, Akhnoor to Sai Kalan, RS Pura, Mohammad Razak from Pargwal, Akhnoor to Gondla, RS Pura, Mohammad Khalid from Bhalwal Mula, Akhnoor to Saharan I, Jammu, Mangat Ram from Nardi, Akhnoor to Muthi Maira, Akhnoor, Balwant Raj from Mandrian, Akhnoor to Thub-I Jammu, Ganesh Kumar from Office Patwari, Akhnoor to Manda, Akhnoor, Parshotam from Gandarwan, Akhnoor to Hamirpur, Akhnoor, Ajit Kumar from Sungal Akhnoor to Khour, Akhnoor, Ravinder Kumar from Pangairi, Akhnoor to Kharta, Jammu, Aijaz Ahmed from Kharah, Akhnoor to Katal Batal II, Jammu and Vijay Kumar, who was awaiting order has been posted at Office Patwari, Akhnoor.


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