7 Medical shops shut for CBS non-compliance

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, May 31: The Drug Department today shut down seven Medical shops in various parts of Srinagar city for failing to make the Computerized Billing Systems (CBS) operational.
Officials told Excelsior that the action follows the non-compliance of the operators of these Medical shops with regulations, as they failed to properly upload records on the software available for CBS.
“These Medical shops were given ample time and notice to update their systems with the necessary software for computerized billing, which is mandatory under the current regulations,” said Reema Gizala, Assistant Drugs Controller (ADC).
ADC noted that despite multiple reminders and extensions, these seven shops failed to comply with the requirements, leading to their closure. She underlined the importance of CBS in medical establishments, noting that not only do these systems streamline the billing process and ensure accuracy in transactions, “but they also help in maintaining proper records for auditing and regulatory purposes.”
It is to be noted that the closure of these shops comes as a result of a thorough inspection conducted by the Drug Department to ensure that all medical establishments adhere to the guidelines set by the government.
Officials said that by refusing to update their systems, these shops were not only in violation of the law but also compromised the quality of service provided to their customers.
“The action is a reminder to all Medical establishments to prioritize compliance with regulations and invest in updating their systems to meet the required standards,” ADC said, adding that repetition of such offenses could lead to the cancellation of licenses as per government orders.