Non-functional ATMs

The ATM user are frequently facing problem with regard to the transactions through Credit/Debit cards. Often the users are trapped by the ATMs, when their cash is not dispensed and the amount is deducted from their credit accounts.  In such cases one has to approach in writing to the Bank maintaining the account of the user. The users have to wait for re-credit for a period of 24 hours as claimed by the Banks but in majority of cases the amount deductions are not made good even within a week’s time. My question here is why an account holder has to wait even for seconds to get re-credit in case money asked through ATM is not disbursed and deduction is effected? More so, if the account holder had only that much limited money in his account and urgently needed by the person, under such circumstances the person has to suffer for want of money that was well within his account but deducted and not dispensed by the faulty system of ATMs in operation. In such cases where deductions are not reversed immediately, let the Bank immediately credit such amount in users account to meet his urgency and to deduct the same, very moment, non-dispensed money is reversed by the system.  The ATM service providers required to be penalized for their faulty service and users are required to be compensated by the Banks for mental agony one meets by not getting his amount from the ATM and such money is with held and users are deprived of their own money.
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Jamwal Mahadeep Singh


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