This is in reference to the article ‘Earth Day Every Day’

written by authors Vivek Manohar Arya and Ajay Thakur  published  on  22 – 04 – 2018.  First of all, I would like to congratulate them that they are working in the field of climate change and present article by them is a good source of awareness. Today, we are living in the world which is suffering from various environmental issues but the tragedy is that people hardly considers these issues as serious ones. This year, Earth Day Network chooses ‘End Plastic Pollution’ as a theme and we all know that how harmful is it to use, single use plastics but still we preferred  polythene bags. It is the need of the hour to think about our contribution to our society as well as to the environment. There is a well known saying that, ‘ charity begins at home’ and the good thing is that this charity does not requires much money. By switching to LED bulbs, making precious use of water, avoiding use of polythene bags, car pooling, planting trees etc. we can celebrate this earth day in the most effective day.


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