Reasi DDB decisions sans action

Again, a saga of indolence and deficiency of working in tandem by different departments and inelastic supervising by the responsive administration has resulted in no perceptible action on several decisions in respect of expediting works of development taken by the District Development Board (DDB) nearly over a  year back in Reasi. The first casualty is the non tapping of available potential of tourism followed by availability of basic amenities. Unless clear cut instructions are issued followed by proper monitoring and on the spot inspections and appraisals, the concern of the people, their elected representatives as also the District Development Boards shall continue to be on the higher side .
Providing drinking water facilities in all the villages is what is expected of in the minimum among basic facilities but barring just a few villages, rest of the villages are scurrying over being neglected and not provided with the drinking water. Two model villages are only in files as beyond that they have not travelled by way of the preparation of the project reports  .
Joint inspection of all the under execution Prime Minister Gramin Sadak Yojna  (PMGSY) roads by executing agencies and administration has not taken place to remove the bottlenecks if any.
Necessary required infrastructure for tapping virgin tourist spots has not been built and as such those newer places could not be included in the itinerary of the tourism map of Reasi. Surjandhar – sari Road link for providing connectivity to remotest habitations , separate PHE  and Irrigation sub- Division for Reasi etc await being addressed by the authorities  for being attended to on priority.


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