6 non-BJP ruled states petition President against 15th Finance Comm

NEW DELHI: Six non-BJP ruled states today petitioned President Ram Nath Kovind against the terms of the 15th Finance Commission for deciding the share of states in taxes collected by the Centre, and said that they violate the federal principle as well as infringe upon the Constitution.

In a memorandum signed by chief minister and finance ministers of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal, Puducherry, Punjab and Delhi, the states opposed some of the terms of reference (ToR) saying they “violate the federal principle as enshrined in the Constitution, erode autonomy of states, and bring significant financial hardship to all states”.

Stating that some of the ToR are “qualitatively” different from those of previous Finance Commissions, the memorandum said changes will restrict the states from fulfilling their Constitutional obligations.

The Finance Commission, which every five years recommends a ratio in which the tax money collected by the Central Government is to be divided among the states, has begun work and will submit its report by October 2019. (AGENCIES)


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