5G Network in J&K

The 5G network is not now only on drawing board but a reality now. 5G is itself a revolution with a peak speed of 10Gbps which is 100 times faster than 4G maximum speed of 100 Mbps, latency- time taken by data to travel from phone to server could be as low as less than a millisecond practically 60 to 120 times faster than 4G. The architect itself is complicated and multi layered with different set of permutations and combinations there on technology front on 5G mobile services. Throughout the initial 5G development cycle, operators and industry studied the innovations and as such collectively decided to standardise the emerging 5G network. As a result 45 major players in the LTE wireless industry convened in March of 2017 to create a 5G deployment plan and rest is history itself. It’s a really complicated process of integration of virtualisation and edge computing, small cell placement strategies which make each 5G network unique. This kind of customisation requires expertise in scalable, accurate and efficient test solutions to support available network deployment from 4G to 5G keeping in view the cost factor as well.
In August 2022 GoI auctioned 5G spectrum and in October thirteen Indian cities were selected to roll out 5G services in first phase. Seven days spectrum auction involving four companies (Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Adani Data networks) yielded Rs.1,50,173 crores. With this huge investment, tariff plans will also be much higher for 5G services. Total fiberisation is prerequisite as such it will take lots of planning and it’s a time consuming process as well. All four allocated companies are supposed to roll out 5G in at least one city in first year of allocation as per contract. Keeping in view all these complications LG administration has rightly taken proactive step to form a 11 member committee to plan out 5G roll out. All things must be in place well in advance to launch 5G in Jammu and Kashmir as early as possible. Next G20 summit is also purposed to be held in Jammu and Kashmir as such 5G can be a reality in J&K, much sooner than expected.