Tussle between Executive, Judiciary continues

NEW DELHI: The tussle between the executive and the judiciary continues to hog the headlines with the former reminding the latter of the separation of powers and the latter saying no arm of democracy can claim supremacy and there should be mutual respect among them.

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the judiciary and the executive were part of the same family and should work to strengthen each other, the tussle has once again come to the fore in speeches made by Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra yesterday.

Some legal experts today said public sparring on such critical issues should be avoided and neither the judiciary, nor the executive should step on each other’s shoes in the interest of democracy.

At a function to mark the Constitution Day yesterday, Prasad had reminded the judiciary of the principle of separation of powers between the judiciary, the legislature and the executive. He had said the concept of separation of power was as binding on the judiciary as it was on the executive.

Responding to the remarks, the Chief Justice had said that “there should be mutual respect and there cannot be any claim for supremacy by any of the wings”. (AGENCIES)


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