Cross LoC trade review

The decision of opening two TFCs taken in 2008 was not taken in any haste or as a matter of whim or figment of imagination. It was a subject on which lot of thinking had taken place among the authorities in the Government. Also good deal of discussions and exchange of ideas were conducted with the official circles in Islamabad. The primary objective was that of promoting and building confidence in bilateral relations of two countries that have been at loggerheads for most of the time after partition of India. Just assessing how much trade has been transacted and what are the gains and losses of stake-holders is no doubt a part of the scheme. But more important is to monitor the level of mutual trust and confidence building that has developed in the course of time.
We are aware of initial hiccups in the scheme when it was launched. That was something we had anticipated but these obstructions were never considered to perpetuate for all the time. That is precisely what happened. In other words we may say that the scope of improving mutual trust has improved and can be taken to higher levels. The Chief Minister gave instructions to the concerned authorities that one window system would be appreciated for conducting transaction at the two points. The purpose is to make trade more facilitative and hassle free as far as doing so was possible.
Looking in retrospect, we gather the impression that the idea of opening two cross LoC points for trade was a wise and far-sighted decision. We had some hiccups in the beginning but hopefully these TFCs could one day become valuable assets for creating cordial atmosphere between the two countries. Involvement of larger number of traders and business magnets could help in overcoming the long standing acrimony and hatred and usher in a new era of peace and cordiality.


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