Videocon rolls out Krypton 22 smartphone

MUMBAI: Mobile phone manufacturer Videocon today launched a new Krypton 22 smartphone in India at Rs 7,200. The device is loaded with the latest version of Android, IR Blaster for controlling third-party appliances & electronics, OTG support for USB connectivity for pen-drives and other USB-powered accessories and a slim design.

Powered with 2GB of RAM and MiraVision Display, the Krypton 22 also gives the user VoLTE & VoWifi access for a better and an uninterrupted voice calling experience. Krypton 22 comes with the VoWifi feature which allows user to use the same phone number and the same smartphone dialler interface while making a call over the cellular network or over any WiFi  network.

“Videocon’s vision has been to come up with products that not just meet consumers’ needs but exceed their expectations. With Krypton 22, we want to make sure that this new product delights our consumers in every way,” Akshay Dhoot, Head of Technology and Innovation, Videocon, said in a statement. (AGENCIES)


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