Completion of projects
This refers to the news item ‘Mufti directs ERA to complete projects within timelines’ DE Oct 27.
There are so many developmental projects taken by various agencies in hand, and many projects are on the anvil. Usually, these projects are not completed within time frame due to various reasons. There are bureaucratic hurdles, litigation, and lethargy on behalf of contracts etc. The delay in execution not only hits common man, as he does not get the service he was expected to avail of, but also cost expenditure. A delayed project usually has to confront price rise in terms of labour, and material cost. This burden is to be then borne again by commonman, and nobody else. If a project had been completed within a time frame, there was scope for other project to be taken in hand with the money that was involved in the earlier project.
The Government should also ensure that there is no compromise with quality.
Yours etc…
Veer Singh


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