3 Months Preparation Strategy for JEE Main

The countdown to the first ever JEE Main under the National Testing Agency (NTA) has begun. The publishing of the official schedule for the JEE Main 2019 January and April has provided aspirants an option to have two shots at their dream.

With, the JEE Main 2019 (January sitting), just a little over three month away aspirants need to tighten their belts and get their preparations right on track. A strategized and planned methodology is what you as an aspirant should opt for.

However, many of you who have their class XII board exams lined up in 2019 must be facing time crunch in balancing board and JEE Main preparations. To help you out in this and to bring to you an easy and smooth strategy for acing the JEE Main exam in one attempt, we would discuss some crucial aspects related to preparations here.

If you are an aspirant preparing for JEE Main 2019 then this is for you only. We are going to look upon the procedure and methodology that you should adopt in these last 100 odd days before the D-day to bring out the best results. So, without much pondering let’s get started.

Paper analysis and weightage

Since time is very less, the first and foremost thing is to look at the previous year’s paper of JEE Main. One should get an idea about which topics are attracting high weightage in the exam.

You can prioritize the topics if you know the weightage of the topics. This would help you to focus more on topics from where a good number of questions are getting asked.

For your reference, we have tabled the topic-wise weightage list for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics based on previous years JEE Main paper analysis.


Topic Weightage
Optics 14.5%
Mechanics 24%
Modern Physics 18.4%
Electrodynamics 22%
Heat & Thermodynamics 13%
Wave and Simple harmonic motion 7%


Topic Weightage
Physical Chemistry 35%
Physical Chemistry 34%
Inorganic Chemistry 31%


Topic Weightage
Trigonometry 7.9%
Probability 7.8%
Matrix & Determinants 12%
Coordinate Geometry 15%
Integral Calculus 17.2%
Differential Calculus 15.8%

Books to opt for

After analysing the topic-wise weightage for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics the next important thing is to cover those topics from effective and trustable sources. There is no time to be lost in the sea of material that is available in the market for JEE Main.

Just focus on standard books and guides and the task is done. To help you out in that we have tabled the list of important books to be referred under each subject below.


Book Author
NCERT of XI & XII Various
Trigonometry S.L. Loney
Higher Algebra Hall & Knight
Coordinate Geometry S.L. Loney
Previous year Mathematics JEE Main Papers Arihant
Problem in Calculus of one variable I.A. Maron


Book Author
Numerical Chemistry P. Bahadur
Inorganic Chemistry J.D. Lee
Organic Chemistry P.B. Yurkanis
NCERT of XI & XII Various
Previous year Chemistry JEE Main Papers Arihant


Book Author
NCERT of class XI & XII Various
Concepts of Physics Vol 1 and Vol 2 H.C. Verma
Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov
Fundamentals of Physics H. Resnick & Walker
Previous year Physics JEE Main Papers Arihant

Plan of preparation

After doing the paper analysis and crucial resources, it’s time for you to get ready with the plan of action. To help you ace the exam in your first go we have listed a step by step to do list for you. Have a look;

List down important topics and mark division for each subject based on your strength and weakness. Students appearing for Class XII board in 2019 should choose the common topics for JEE Main and CBSE board in each subject and then go for other topics.

For Physics, practice previous year numerical and topic-wise mocks for one hour daily. At least one hour to be devoted for the practice of Mathematics

Set weekly targets and take a full-length topic-wise mock at the end of each week. Check your progress and mistakes in the weekly tests and refer to notes/books for conceptual clarity. Revise conversions and agents in organic chemistry once in two days.

Switch between Physics and Chemistry as per your comfort and understanding of the subject. Dedicate at least 4 hours for self-study. Do some physical activity to avoid the monotony of the process. Take one hour out for leisure every day. Read toppers talk for motivation and assistance

Keep yourself motivated and focused and follow the above-mentioned plan with full dedication and faith and you would come out with flying colours.


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