28th January 2015

Aries : You may be spoilt for choices today! Contemplating a change of job, business, or even a relationship? Consider long-term implications before you commit to anything, says Ganesha. A romantic evening is on the cards.

Taurus : Today, you may not find the courage to say no even when you disagree with people, predicts Ganesha. Important decisions may see procrastination due to lack of necessary inputs. A few long-standing deals will end on a happy note by evening, says Ganesha.

Gemini : You have a penchant for organising family functions and social programmes. Today, you are likely to organise one more. You plan to renovate your house in the afternoon. By evening, you will be back to your socialising self and may hang out at a popular local joint with a childhood friend.

Cancer : Today, you may get to spend a wonderful time with your loved ones, foresees Ganesha. Besides pleasure, the day will also fare well for business. As an entrepreneur, you may be able to see important deals and ventures coming through. You may go on a tour for business purposes in the later half of the day. At work, you will be at the top of your game.

Leo : You will be able to spend an enjoyable time with your partner today. For those who are unmarried, it is a good time to tie the knot. In the later half of the day, work related worries will keep you occupied. However, do not get preoccupied with minor issues and forget your principle responsibilities, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Be the crab who wants to get out of the basket, and make bold, brave moves at work, especially in the way you accomplish your tasks. Also, contribute with brilliant, refreshing ideas. You shall, however, in all probability, remain at sea in the afternoon. But, don’t despair, take a break from work and recharge those sodden batteries, says Ganesha.

Libra : For all purposes intact, Ganesha foresees chances that today you may have an overwhelming urge and desire to renovate your home. It may be the small things, but even a new showpiece can go a long way in adding to the general décor of the house. So go ahead and jazz it up a bit. Towards the evening, your natural ability to be an appealing performer comes to the fore. Let the ones around you expect a shinning display of your talents.

Scorpio : The planets indicate you won’t look before you leap, and commit to a hasty decision at work, says Ganesha. In the afternoon, all those efforts you put in will go down the drain. Expect to catch a seat all alone on a business trip, says Ganesha. In the evening, you may walk that extra mile to please your beloved.

Sagittarius : You may turn to your family for love and happiness today, predicts Ganesha. But your soul searching will come at a high material cost. In the evening, you may encounter a thrilling love prospect with who you might indulge in some adventurous activity. It might be the beginning of a platonic love affair, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : Quite unlike you, but you will not be impulsive in making decisions today. Reason? Shaking off clouds of imagination, you will be more realistic in your approach to everyday dealings, says Ganesha. Your moves will be guided by common sense and practicality, and you will be optimistic about your future. Love will demand your time as evening sets in, and it will be for this one time that you will get back to your impulsive self. You will splurge to your heart’s content to see that radiant smile on your sweetheart’s face.

Aquarius : Good news about a loved one will bring on a festive mood. You only need an itsy-bitsy excuse to party, and that’s what you’ll do today! You will make new friends, and they will prove helpful in times of need. Ganesha suggests a candlelit dinner to round up a perfect day.

Pisces : Your honesty is your hallmark, and it will reap bountiful rewards for you today, both at the workplace on account of your integrity, and in relationships on account of your sincerity, says Ganesha. Financially also, it promises to be a good day.


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