2 former Major Generals booked for corruption in Survey of India departmental exams in 2002

NEW DELHI: The CBI has booked two former Major Generals for alleged corruption in conducting Group C and D examinations in the Survey of India in 2002, resulting in wrong selection of 44 candidates as those who had succeeded were made to fail, officials said on Tuesday.

The FIR has been registered against the then Brigadier M V Bhat, Director, Survey Training Institute (STI), and the then Brigadier K R M K Babaji Rao, Deputy Surveyor General, STI. Both of them retired as Major Generals, they said.

Other names include J K Rath and R Rama Singh, the then officials of STI.

The agency has registered the FIR after a two-year-long preliminary inquiry based on a complaint from a vigilance officer in the Ministry of Science and Technology who alleged malpractices in compilation of marks in the answer sheets of the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for Group D to C Topo Trades held during October 2002 in the Survey of India.

It was alleged that candidates who had passed were made to fail and vice versa, resulting in wrong selection of 44 candidates.

The agency had alleged that answer sheets were deliberately manipulated by accused officers to favour selected candidates, they said. (AGENCIES)



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