Players of other games suffer at the cost of cricket

Sewage flowing in front of Indoor Stadium in Jammu.
Sewage flowing in front of Indoor Stadium in Jammu.

NPCC not handling construction work properly; sewerage system blocked
*Sewage flowing in front of Indoor Stadium Jammu

Rajesh Dhar
JAMMU, Oct 3: The lack of standard infrastructural facilities always serves as a stumbling-block for the sportspersons to flourish at the higher levels. Rather, the development of standard infra in sports and games plays a pivotal role in helping the talented sportspersons to shine at the National and International scene.
For that matter, the development of already existing multipurpose MA Stadium into an International standard Cricket Stadium, on the one hand, will go a long way in producing international cricket stuff from the State of Jammu and Kashmir, and on the other hand, the players of other games suffer at the cost of the construction work of this glorious Stadium because the National Projects Construction Corporation (NPCC), the agency which is supervising the construction work is not handling it properly as the entire sewerage system in the area has blocked, leaving young sportspersons and the employees of J&K State Sports Council in the lurch.
“You know, changing multi-purpose MA Stadium into an exclusive International standard Cricket Stadium has already made thousands of players of other disciplines to suffer and now improper handling of the construction work by the National Projects Construction Corporation is not only making the players of other disciplines to suffer but the employees of the Sports Council and the employees of Jammu Club as well,” said an ace sportsperson on the condition of anonymity.
The manager of Indoor Sports Complex, Jammu, Satish Gupta said that the sewage flowing in front of the complex has left all of them (players and the staff ) in the lurch as they have to open their shoes and event pants to enter their offices and practice areas.
He further said that they had never been in such a situation before, adding that the construction of the International Stadium is fine, but the supervising agency of the construction work should keep in mind that the players of other games do not suffer at the cost of cricket only.
He, however assured that they will leave no stone unturned in cleaning the surroundings at an earliest, adding that in this regard, they have already approached the Engineering wing of the Council and other concerned people.
It is pertinent to mention here that the renovation and rebuilding project of around Rs 50 crore, under Prime Minister’s Special Package is being supervised by the National Projects Construction Corporation (NPCC), out of which the tendering of around 32 crore has already been made to construct and renovate pavilion and the entire fenced structure around the Stadium and the tendering of around Rs 18 crore for developing ground including turf wickets and flood lights is also on cards.The amount may exceed keeping in view the standard of this first of its kind Stadium in Jammu.
According to the information received from the representatives of NPCC and other reliable sources, the Stadium when completed will have a well established Pavilion, with Standard Gymnasium, Conference Halls, Open VIP, Media and Players Zones and Galleries, and not to talk of the customary Dressing and Changing Rooms.
The design prepared by the Engineering Wing of NPCC shows that the Stadium will have a well established Match Referee Rooms, Umpires Rooms, Medical Rooms anD Dope Test Rooms in a modernized fashion.
However, one gets a feeling that the closure of multipurpose MA Stadium is serving and will serve as a death-knell for other sports disciplines as the players of many other games used to receive training from their coaches and trainers at this venue.
“The sewerage system is totally blocked and the dirt and muddy water is flowing around the entire Indoor complex. We are making every effort to drain out the water from the area by using our own electric-motors. Hardly anybody comes to our rescue. It is shell-shocking to see the concerned construction agency working with improper planning. Proper restoration of sewerage system is the need of the hour,” said a ground-man while expressing anguish over the insanitary condition of the area around MA Stadium.
The need is that the Government serves strict instructions to the NPCC employees with regard to proper handling of the construction work.