Online Gaming – A Rising Industry in India

Online gaming has been around since time immemorial, particularly in western countries. As the internet becomes available worldwide, India has been adapting to the digital world. Many Indians are into online gaming now, which led to the rise in the online gaming industry in India. Below are the main reasons why the online gaming industry in India continues to thrive:

  • Advancement in connectivity – Internet connectivity is constantly evolving. We now have 5G ultra-fast connectivity that resulted in increased performance and usability of online gaming sites in India.
  • Cloud gaming – enables players to play seamlessly without the need for a computer or mobile phone configuration. It is made possible through Gaming Industry as Gaming As Services, Software-as-Service, and Platform-as-Service.
  • Millennials as the target market – The main market of the online gaming industry is the millennial. However, many players from other age groups also participate in online gaming, which leads to the growth of online casinos accepting Indian.
  • Data analytics application – Data analytics play an important role in the success of online gaming. Through it, companies can personalize their content and maintain a strong connection with the players. Of course, other factors have a huge effect on the success of online gaming, too, such as innovative games and engaging and interactive online gaming mediums.
  • Real money gaming – Another factor contributing to the rise of online gaming in India is the involvement of money or online gambling. Indian players can participate in real money online gaming, including traditional card games, skill games, and fantasy sports, to name a few.
  • Effect of pandemic – As the world turns into lockdown due to pandemic, many land-based entertainment spots are forced to close, such as land-based casinos. It has enticed many people to turn to online games to keep themselves entertained while at home and somehow make money as they play real money online games. Hence, explains why the online gaming industry continues to thrive amidst pandemic.
  • Young market – The majority of the population in India is 45 years old, and such a population is the target market of online gaming. About 64% of the Indian population is between the age of 25 years old and 45 years old. These age groups are mostly tech-savvy; thus, easier for them to enjoy all sorts of online entertainment, including online games and online gambling.
  • Online market – Roughly 624 million people in India have access to the internet. This shows how big of an online market Indians are. It attracts online gaming investors to open their doors to Indian players. It is one of the main reasons why many online casinos and sports betting sites are very welcoming to Indian players.


The entertainment industry in India continues to grow despite the pandemic, although it yields more towards the online platform. The online gaming industry in India has been continuously growing for the past years, but it has ballooned this pandemic dramatically. There are many reasons for that – the availability of affordable smartphones, advancement in internet technology, the application of data analytics, and the growing number of millennials. Not to mention, India has a varied ecosystem of online entertainment such as live streaming games, esports, and online gambling. It is without a doubt that the online gaming industry in India is here to stay. It is foreseen to increase even more in the years to come. There is no stopping – not even the pandemic.