Ban must for players who fudged their age: Parvez Rasool

International Cricketers Parvez Rasool addressing media persons in Srinagar on Tuesday. — Excelsior/Shakeel
International Cricketers Parvez Rasool addressing media persons in Srinagar on Tuesday. — Excelsior/Shakeel

5 turf wickets came up in 2 yrs

Excelsior Sports Correspondent

SRINAGAR, July 16: J&K International Cricketer Parvez Rasool today advocated that those who are found to have fudged their date of births should be punished by banning them for a minimum of two years.
Rasool was addressing a press conference here regarding the works carried out by the Jammu & Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) for the development of the game in the State.
While responding to a question regarding the cricketer Rasik Salam, who has allegedly fudged his date of birth, Rasool said: “It is my personal opinion that those who have produced fake documents with regard to their age, they should be punished and banned for minimum of two years; even those who have left cricket and have fudged their age should also be punished,” he said.
He said that the Association was hijacked by few just for their personal gains and nothing else and that too since it was formed. With the result, he said, what got affected were the game and its subsequent development.
Rasool said that when the administrators and players make a mockery of the Association, how can it be expected that better players will come out to play outside the State.
“People used to go with the team as a manager and they used to play Ranji matches. Earlier, players who were as spinners at the local level have played as fast bowlers at the higher levels and vice-versa. I know big players are not going to be happy with me, but I am saying this to you. They had made fun of JKCA, how would you expect good players to come out under such circumstances,” he said.
He said the Association has now worked a great deal in the last 2 years for the development of cricket and that things are changing on the ground. “While I criticize the Association for not doing anything, I should be appreciating them for at least doing some work for the development of the game,” he said.
While saying that the State has not been able to produce players all because of lack of infrastructure in the State, he said: “I played for the country but remained a step back due to the lack of training and infrastructure.”
While appreciating the Association for conducting district tournaments, he said that due to such tournaments, good players are coming to the fore.
“There was a dearth of turf wickets in the State. Now there are 5 turf wickets that have come up from last 2 years,” he said while adding that things are now changing in the State with regard to the game.