5 cyclists cross World’s one of highest motor-able pass

Excelsior Sports Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 10: Five cyclists namely Piyush Monga, Yogesh Rawal, Akshay Bhagat, Sumit Dangi and Sanjay Sreekumar crossed the world’s highest motor-able pass-Umling La which is considered to be as one of the deadliest road under the campaign “Youth Against Rape” for the motto-#RapeMuktBharat.
This is a topic that people hesitate to even talk about but this group has initiated a revolutionary movement for such a noble cause that encourages the youth of the nation to support them and take one step forward towards a #RapeMuktBharat.
This victory was possible under the guidance of Border Roads Organization (BRO), Lieutenant General Rajiv Choudhary (Director General at BRO), Lieutenant Colonel Alok, OC and supporting supervision of team 93 RCC.
This journey was not an easy one as Umling La is a destination 19,300 feet above the sea level, even higher than Mount Everest base camp and Siachen Glacier with a temperature that goes as low as -40°C with an alarmingly low oxygen level of 50 percent even in normal areas.
Hence, the riders faced extreme difficulties, both mental and physical due to the lack of oxygen, water, and the harsh roads that go up to this pass. Yet, even after falling sick in intervals, they did not stop because they had their goal clear in mind and so, they achieved it with the true spirit of being Indians.
They presented special thanks to Kanchan Ugursandi for all her help and encouragement throughout.
These five gentlemen have set a great example to all those who couldn’t even think of taking such a huge step for this cause against rape and false allegations. They have made India proud and proved to be an inspiration for the youth of this country to come forward for a #RapeMuktBharat with ‘Youth Against Rape’.