Jodhamal holds Workshops

Teachers during Workshops at Jodhamal School in Jammu.
Teachers during Workshops at Jodhamal School in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 14:  Five teachers of Jodhamal attended the three day Workshop ‘Edu Carnival’ at IIT New Delhi recently and in the last three days, these Teachers had three Workshops on the topics ‘POSCO’, ‘Change Management’ and ‘Learning, Unlearning& Relearning’.
First Day saw the POSCO Workshop impacting each teacher to be an alert 21st Century Teacher. Jodhamal Public School in collaboration with Ratnasagar organised the first day workshop creating awareness about ‘Child Sexual Abuse’.
The resourse person for the workshop was Surya Naarayana Bahadur from New Delhi.
At the concluding session of the workshop, a short discussion on some important points of the POCSO Act was held which further clarified all aspects of the act.
Second day of the workshop had Change Management as the theme under the aegis of Pearson and Resource Person Ira Sahgal was again from New Delhi and talked on why do we need to change with changing time and why the same lesson plan five years back doesn’t find acceptance among today’s kids.
The third day saw the Learning, Unlearning and Relearning as the topic of discussion and it was found that all teachers were ready to unlearn what has become outdated and ready to relearn through this workshop as to live up to the changing times. Ila said that learning is the most democratic source of power and for relearning you need to shed your mindset and move ahead.