JKCCA to organize Online International Art Exhibition

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 24: Keeping in tune with the crisis of Covid- 19 Pandemic, an online International Art Exhibition dedicated to Coronavirus Warriors would be organized on June 5, 2020 by Jammu and Kashmir Centre for Creative Arts (JKCCA).
The art works of 80 artists from India and abroad would be displayed in the exhibition.
According to OP Sharma, curator of the exhibition & Director JKCCA said that the normal life has been restricted due to Coronavirus spread all over the world, adding that it was not possible to face the crisis directly but there was alternative for every obstacle.
He said that the artists and other creative people have been busy in their creative processes while staying at homes due to lockdown throughout the world.
“The crisis has made people think of new and innovative ideas to sort out the things and new associations in relationships and behaviour patterns are coming out. Working from home place is also becoming the need of the hour. It is rightly said that we will have to live with the crisis for a period,” Sharma maintained.
The prominent artists of the country whose works will be put on show include V S Rahi, N D Jamwal, Gokel Dembi, T S Batra, Jang S. Verman, Prabhinder Lall, K S Gill, Dr AK Dixit, OP Sharma and Dharminder Sharma.
It is pertinent to mention here that artists from fifteen states of India are representing the country in this international art event.
The other artists who are participating in the show are Sushila Bodade, Rupali Soni from Madhya Pradesh, Ashok Mehra, Kamalnain Bhan, Ganesh Kumar Sharma, Mohd. Akram Khan, Subash Anand, Aslam Naqishbandi, Humayun Qaisar, Rouf Qyasi, Tariq Saifi, Kaunain Zubair, Deepa Soni, Mohd Sayeed Telli, Payal Chadha and Megha Khajuria from Jammu & Kashmir, Shakshi Bajaj, Sada Ram Sharma, Aanchal, Rashni Saxena, Sireesha Srinavas from New Delhi, Ramesh Bhosale, Jayanti Patil, Neena Singh, Shubhada Bhosale, Ramesh Bhosale from Maharashtra, Premila Singh, Sunita Dhara Panchal, Preetika Verma from Haryana, Raj Balraj from Kerala, Dr. Alka Chadha Harpalani, Chaman Sharma from Karnataka, Gaytri, Nisha, Deepika, Babita Hundal, Atul Mattu, Sahil Sodhi, Bhomika Mahajan, Dr Suneet Madan from Punjab, Dr Rekha Rani Sharma, Dr. Rashmi Saxena, Dr Neelam Kant, Dr. Leena Mishra, Dr Sweta Verma, Kamna Chouhan, Ashutosh Nigam, Pratima Singh, Satyendra Baoni, Dr Archna Rani, Dr Sunil Sexena, Dr Disha Dinesh, Dr. Sharda Singh Shalu, Shakil, Swati Prajapati from Utter Pradesh, Subhash Shorey, Shveta Kansal from Chandhigarh, Hitesh Pankar from Goa and Freha Zeba from Dhaka, Bangladesh and Keyla Hannani More Salgado, Yeimi Chirinos, Ninoska Velasquez from Honduras, Central America.
The Exhibition has been conceived & curated by O P Sharma, Eminent Artist & Director Jammu & Kashmir Centre for Creative Arts, Jammu who is founder director of the centre and has been working for the last 20 years in the field of Art and Culture.