JKCA in trauma, smaller associations announce Ranji probables

*Dr Farooq needs to save association from further drowning
Rajesh Dhar
JAMMU, June 18: While on the one hand, the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) is in trauma after recent multi-crore scam that surfaced in it a few months back, the comparatively smaller Cricket Associations, on the other hand, have announced the Ranji trophy probables to prepare them well in time for the forthcoming season.
It is probably for the same reason, that the Cricket Associations of the smaller states like Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Jharkhand and Goa etc, have been able to produce many International and the IPL players, while JKCA has yet to produce a cricketer to represent it in IPL not to talk of representing the country at the highest level.
This sentiment was expressed by a cricket coach while revealing his heart and expressing concern over the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association.
Now, with President of JKCA and Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy being away from the country for some time, the members of the association are busy in blame-game and mud slinging, hardly caring for the promotion of the game. While, one faction of Jammu wing of JKCA is organizing tournaments in full swing, some office bearers, without doing anything, term them unauthorized, unofficial and not approved by the JKCA.
For that matter, one gets a feeling as to who is the real boss calling the shots in JKCA in the prevailing situation-Is it the Chairman, the Treasurer, the Vice Chairmen or the Joint Secretaries who have the authority to make decisions, more importantly when the association is headless with regard to absence of all important post of General Secretary after the resignation of the former tainted General Secretary.
While Kerala Cricket Association has announced probables for this season’s overhauled Ranji trophy format, atleast one week before, the JKCA has yet to decided as to who is the real office bearer, not to talk of announcing Ranji trophy probables.
“Moreover, Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA), apart from enhancing the standard of almost all the state teams, has developed sufficient International standard cricket infrastructure in the state, including the prestigious Dharamshalla Cricket Stadium, the JKCA, on the other hand, is neither keen to improve standard of the cricketers, nor has initiated any work, on otherwise much hyped International Cricket Stadium at Bajalta”, the coach opined. He said, rather than buying time, the situation demands immediate intervention of Dr Farooq Abdullah in the affairs of the association to set the things right as soon as possible, adding that the probe in the multi-crore scam would take its own course, however, the immediate need is to streamline the association at an earliest and avoid cricketers being left into the lurch.
Expecting good show from the state teams in the forthcoming BCCI tournaments is to cry for the moon rather to flog a dead horse. The state possesses a talented bunch of youngsters in Shubam Khajuria, Parvez Rasool, Ian Dev Singh, Manish Dogra, Ram Dayal, Bandeep Singh, Adil Reshi, Manik Gupta and likes, who have all that is required to blossom at the highest level and the only thing that they need is the patronage of the JKCA.