Interesting Facts About Cricket You May Not Know

It’s difficult to find a person in the world who wouldn’t know what cricket is. Many of us either watched or participated in this game or at the very least have a basic understanding of what it entails. But in the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a super professional or not, there are cricked-related facts that will definitely surprise you!

Quick Cricket Basics

Cricket has a system of simple rules. The first thing every beginner should know is that it has a ball and a bat as its main attributes, which is similar to baseball. However, most similarities end here. Two teams play for two sides respectively: one is sending the ball flying in the hope to hit a special wicket before making a run and the second one is trying not to let it happen. They switch places after ten players from the batting team are dismissed (which happens after they fail in hitting the wicket).

The games are exciting, and if you’d like to have cricket news on, get Stumped.App to stay in touch with all relevant info. Now, on to the facts that might interest you in cricket even if you aren’t already!

Interesting Cricket Facts

Every game has a long history of amazing victories and cringy fails, grand beginnings and changed middles. Cricket isn’t an exception. It’s represented by numerous funny or curious facts that make it what it is today.

  • The first known origins of cricket go as far as 1550. At the end of the 1590s, during the trial in Surrey, a coroner claimed he’d been playing cricket since he was a child. Based on his age, it takes us to about 1550 and possibly even earlier. Cricket really has a surprisingly old history!
  • The first recorded match happened in 1646 and some people wanted to play or watch so much that they missed church to do it! Afterward, they were penalized and scolded for their appalling lack of religious devotion. It’s amusing to think about it now but it definitely wasn’t for those people who lost their hard-earned money just because they wanted to have some fun by playing cricket.
  • It’s known that cricket originated in England. What people often have no idea of is that cricket has likely become possible due to sheep and low grass prevalent in English villages. People used a ball made of wool to play, and with the help of low grass, it moved smoothly.
  • The start of WW2 signified the longest cricket match recorded throughout the whole history. South Africa and England opposed each other, and they couldn’t finish the game for 14 days! Want to know how the match ended? With a tie. That’s one of the most amusing cases in all history of cricket existence.
  • There are many known instances when the game was paused to get a wandering animal out of the field. It’s difficult to say what animals find so irresistible about cricket but they stubbornly enter fields and make everyone pause their activities! It’s sweet but it’s also frustrating, especially for those playing.
  • England team has faced most failures in ODI history, both in finals as well as tournaments.
  • Every set of 100 runs is proudly celebrated. It’s called a “century” and players often compete against each other to prove they are capable of earning more achievements of this kind.

Cricket is an exciting game that has a rich history and millions of fans around the world. If you never tried playing or participating, think about doing it now! Who knows, you might contribute to interesting cricket facts creation yourself.