Various Institutions observe World Heritage Day with enthusiasm

Excelsior Sports Correspondent
JAMMU, Apr 18: Various Educational and other allied Institutions across Jammu observed World Heritage Day with zeal and zest, here today.
April 18 is observed as World Heritage Day every year to celebrate and promote Cultural Heritage across the World.
Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu organized a short visit for its students to Dogra Art Museum, Mubarak Mandi, Jammu in order to make them aware about Dogra culture, tradition and lifestyle. Students were very excited and felt mesmerized by seeing the different dresses, jewellery, weapons and other materials related to Dogra Culture.
Principal cum Vice-Chairperson of the school Rohini Aima asserted that students must be aware of all the monuments and sites of their native State.
The World Heritage Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Heritageans today to mark the importance of this day and promote awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage, its vulnerability and the efforts required for its preservation.
Special thought provoking morning assemblies were conducted by the students of primary and senior wing.
Students from the senior wing elaborated on the importance of protecting and preserving our cultural heritage through an informative article. The students learned that heritage refers to practices that are passed down through the years from one generation to the next.
Headmistress, Vandana Jasrotia, in her address to the primary school enlightened the students about the 37 Heritage sites in India and its importance for the coming generation.
To ensure conservation of boundless heritage and to pass it on to the next generation, Delhi Public School, Jammu celebrated ‘World Heritage Day’ with great enthusiasm today.
The students of Primary, Middle and Senior Wing participated in activities aimed at inducing love and respect for our Country’s Heritage and Culture. The students of class II and III pasted pictures of rich heritage of J&K in their notebooks along with the description. The students of class VI to VIII were involved in interactive class discussion on preservation of Heritage. The students of class IX to XII participated in Collage Making, Group Discussion and Elocution activities with great enthusiasm and zeal.
Principal, DPS Jammu, Ruchi Chabra, appreciated the efforts of the students and staff and encouraged all to actively participate in preserving culture and heriatge.
Headmistress, Meenu Gupta also spoke on the occasion.
On World Heritage Day, Himalayan Heritage Museum (HHM) organized a colourful function to celebrate World Heritage Day today.
On the occasion, Abdul Majid Khan, President J&K Low Paid Employees Federation appreciated Inder Singh, Chairman of HHM for his exemplary work done by collecting invaluable objects of divergent types single-handedly.
HHM put several antique objects on display in the museum. Men, women and children from all walks of life who visited the museum in large number viewed the objects very keenly and were enthused to see all this as the organisers gave a narration of each object in depth.