Team Jodhamal shines in Annual Sanskriti School MUN

Jodhamal School delegation after excelling in MUN.
Jodhamal School delegation after excelling in MUN.

Excelsior Sports Correspondent
JAMMU, May 18: The delegation of Jodhamal Public School participated in the Annual Sanskriti School MUN in Delhi and performed exceedingly well.
Jodhamal Public School was the only school from across J&K to participate in the Sanskriti School MUN, New Delhi.
The delegation consisted of Shaarvi, Vipasana, Sai Sharan, Lakshav, Samarth, Adnan and Aadit along with two escort teachers Nivedita Sharma and Vishal Samrat.
The entire delegation exhibited eloquent oratory skills in different committees like The African Union where the students discussed the Burundi Crises,The Cabinet of Yemen where the students deliberated upon the Yemeni Civil War, DISEC in which the students discussed the Nuclear Weapons in South Asia.
The entire delegation displays high order thinking skills with special emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving potentials.
Even amongst the top notch schools like Modern School, Sriram School, Welhems and G D Goenka, the JMPians managed to showcase a remarkable performance.
All the delegates absorbed an instructive exposure from the event at such a mammoth level.
The Trustee, Nandan Kuthiala along with the Director, Arati Kuthiala and Vice Principal, Shefali Sanwal appreciated the delegation for their success. They also appreciated their mentors namely Mubeen, Bhawna, Nivedita and Vishal Samrat.