Srinivasan to attend WC meeting as BCCI discusses options

     New Delhi, July 30: Unfazed by the Bombay High Court order declaring BCCI’s two-member probe as “illegal”, a defiant N Srinivasan today made it clear that he will attend the Working Committee here on August 2 which is expected to draw up the future course of action.

Hearing a Public Interest Litigation filed by the Cricket Association of Bihar, a division bench of justices S J Vazifdar and M S Sonak declared the two-member BCCI probe panel “unconstitutional and illegal”, a development which has put a spanner on Srinivasan’s return to the BCCI top post.

The High Court order comes just two days after the BCCI panel submitted its report which cleared president-in-exile Srinivasan’s franchise Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals owner Raj Kundra of charges of betting.

“We will wait for the judgement to come into our hands before deciding our next step,” BCCI’s interim chief Jagmohan Dalmiya said.

But Srinivasan took a more defiant stand and said he will attend the Working Committee meeting on August 2.

“Yes, I will be attending the BCCI working Committee meeting in New Delhi on August 2,” Srinivasan told PTI.

When specifically asked in which capacity he will be attending the meeting, Srinivasan gave a terse reply, “Come there and see for yourself as to what capacity I will be attending the meeting!”

Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) is a permanent member of the BCCI Working Committee and Srinivasan might as well attend the meeting by virtue of being the president of the state association.

Normally, Srinivasan confidant and former India Cements employee Kashi Viswanathan represents TNCA at such meetings.

Srinivasan also took an aggressive stance when asked about the ruling of the Bombay High Court on the probe panel which was formed to inquire into the IPL spot-fixing scandal.

“I don’t know why you people are making a big issue. A writ was filed and the court has given its verdict. The matter finishes there. I have no further comments to make on this issue,” he said. (PTI)


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