Once I scribbled Adidas on my shoes, they now make shoes with my name: Hima

New Delhi, Apr 26:
Sportswear giants Adidas now manufacture custom-made shoes for Hima Das with her name printed on them but country’s top sprinter today revealed that there was a time when she had to write the famous brand name manually on her sub-standard spikes.
During an Instagram chat with Indian cricketer Suresh Raina, the top quarter-miler who is currently at the NIS-Patiala, said her farmer father bought a normal running shoes with spikes for first competitive race.
“When I started running, I ran barefoot. But in my first Nationals, my father brought running shoes with spikes on them. It was just a normal pair of running shoes. I wrote ‘Adidas’ on the shoes with my hand. You never know what fate can do, Adidas is now making shoes with my name,” the 20-year-old said.(PTI)


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