Natrang presents ‘Loktantra Ka Mantra’

A scene of Hindi play 'Loktantra Ka Mantra' staged by Natrang in Jammu.
A scene of Hindi play 'Loktantra Ka Mantra' staged by Natrang in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 17: Natrang presented a Hindi play ‘Loktantra Ka Mantra’, written and directed by Balwant Thakur, at Wave Mall, here today
The event ‘Matdaan Mahotsava’, an extensive campaign to make people aware about the upcoming elections was organised by District Administration, Jammu and the show was witnessed by a large number of audience.
In a very effective manner, the play highlighted the power and the importance of voting as it is the most effective key of the democracy.
The play started with the aggression of the frustrated youth who are breathing in the contaminated air of corruption, scandals and dishonesty.
They do not see any hope in the future as their present is being rotten by the greed of the corrupt rulers. They want to devastate everything around them in rage but when asked by a literary person that ‘what are they doing for the cure of this unfortunate situation?, they are speechless as they just want the things to be changed but are not ready to be part of that change and want it without doing effort.
Then they were very elaborately told by that person that India is the country of youth and they may bring any reform if they use their energies in a channelized manner and that way is the way of voting, the most peaceful and effective key to bring big reforms.
The play goes on….. .
Neeraj Kant headed the team of the artists which included Vrinda Sharma, Minakshi Bhagat, Manoj Lalotra, Abhinav Sharma, Rishabh, Aarti, Ajay Lalotra, Udit Sagar, Shivam Sharma, Bhrigu Sharma, Sanvi Anand and Rudra Kohli.
The event was coordinated by Sumeet Sharma.