IAF’s Swimming Team crosses English Channel

New Delhi, July 1:
Led by Wing Commander Paramvir Singh, IAF’s Swimming Team has become the first ever Armed Forces team to successfully swim the English Channel.
Flight Lieutenant Narayanpethkar, Corporal AK Patel and Corporal S Srihari were the other members of the team.
The team safely and successfully crossed the English Channel in 12 hours 14 minutes and was the fastest Asian Team in its Category.
“The team was preparing for the last one year and had successfully crossed the channel from Rewas to Gateway of India, Mumbai in Feb-Mar 2012 as a part of its training programme and was practicing at Dover, England since the beginning of Jun 2012.
Water temperatures during the swim varied from 10 to 13 degrees, with choppy waters the undercurrents were upto 10 mph which adds to the difficulties a swimmer encounters.
“It was in the wee hours (0315 GMT) of 26 Jun 2012 that the team entered the waters at Shakespeare Beach, Dover, England and reached at Cap Griz Nez, France at 1529 GMT by relay swimming,” a release said. (PTI)


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