Guest Lecture on ‘Helping Youth to face Challenges’ delivered

Excelsior Sports Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 17: A guest lecture on ‘Helping Youth to face their Challenges’ was delivered by Er Vidhi S Singh, Chairman, Jamwal Group of Educational Institutions at Yogananda College of Engineering and Technology (YCET), here.
He enumerated various types of challenges which are being faced by the youth now-a-days, which include conflict of ego, undue importance to looks and wearing, too many desires, lack of interest in career building, taking instructions many times is taken as insult, lack of good manners, morals and ethics, lack of respect for elders and Peer pressure.
He attributed various reasons responsible for these challenges and said the first and foremost being less time given by parents to the children, adding that now-a-days, parents prefer giving gifts over time.
He said single family system instead of joint family is a reason for child to feel lonely, adding that most of the parents are working these days and the child is left at the mercy of servants due to which personal touch to youth is missing.
Mr Vidhi said that the parents are not taken as role models because many a parents enter into verbal fight on petty issues before their children. “Because of loneliness, too many desires and too little a time to fulfill those desires, the youth develops anger, tension, frustration, depression which in some cases leads to drugs” Vidhi expressed.
He said the youth can overcome these challenges by passing as much time as possible with their parents and grandparents, adding that they  should understand parents position and ask them only their needs and should not compel them for their desires.
“Youth should understand their duties and responsibilities and should understand difference between needs and desires because unfulfilled limitless desires often lead to anger, frustration, use of drugs etc.” Vidhi said.
“Youth should add spiritual essence to his routine, he should balance his life by paying due care to his health, studies, good behavior, possessing morals, ethics and etiquettes”.


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