Amee finishes as number one

Mumbai, Oct 24: Amee Kamani reasserted her dominance over national champion Vidya Pillai by pulling off a crucial win in the Women’s Z-Camp (2nd leg) and finished as the number one in the GSC World Snooker Qualifiers.

Amee had also defeated Vidya in the first leg.

In the battle between the top two Indian women cueists, the 29-year-old Amee lost the opening frame to her senior opponent from Tamil Nadu, a media release issued here stated.

But Amee made a fine recovery and with a polished break of 55 in the third frame, she went on to complete a 34-58, 65-45, 75(55)-14 and 61-31 win.

This was her fourth win in the second leg of the competition which ensured she ended with an overall total of 9,716 points (3560 as National runner-up), 3240 (Y-Camp) and 2916 (Z-Camp) to finish in first position.

“It feels amazing to emerge as the number one player. It was difficult because we were playing our first major tournament after the lockdown,” Amee said.

“Playing competitive matches after more than 18 months was tough and I was a bit nervous since this was the World Cup qualifiers. I had done enough preparations and managed to play back-to-back matches, which is very tough..”

Indian number 3, Varsha Sanjeev of Tamil Nadu, clinched the second position with 9,428 points (3204 Nationals, 2624 Y-Camp, 3600  Z-Camp). In her final league match, Varsha defeated Keerath Bhandaal of Delhi 3-1 (66-30, 48-64, 62-11, 65-32).

Vidya claimed the third spot with 9,291 points. (PTI)