WC organizers put on ‘Red alert’ as punter ejected from BBL

Melbourne, Dec 22:

The organizers of the ICC cricket World Cup 2015 have been put on ‘Red Alert’ after a British man, already in ICC’s ACSU radar for his alleged betting activities was ejected from two Big Bash League matches in Sydney from the SCG and ANZ Stadium.

The alleged punter was evicted from the SCG, last Friday, during a BBL match between Melbourne Renegades and Sydney Sixers when area police along with ICC’s anti-corruption unit officials and stadium security.

According to the Courier Mail,”The man in question is believed to be an intelligent and mathematically minded British national, who is a serial offender well known to police, Cricket Australia and the International Cricket Council as a “court sider.”

The newspaper further stated,”The practice of court siding involves people, usually professional gamblers, at live events manipulating betting markets to gain an unfair advantage against overseas punters who are betting on matches on TV delays of up to 12 seconds.”

CA is working on a process to have the particular Briton banned from all Australian stadiums.

“We do everything we can to protect the integrity of the game. This man was identified and promptly evicted from the last two matches in Sydney for breaching our terms of entry. He is known to police and the ICC,” a CA spokesperson said.

The World Cup, a 44-day event with matches both major and minor taking place across Australia and New Zealand, could be a potential hot bed for suspicious activity.

The ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit is directly in charge of monitoring the World Cup, and they will be out in force at all World Cup venues, conscious that obscure matches could be the biggest targets.

They have no law enforcement authority, but have the support of local police across Australia and New Zealand and have been engaging with them on anti-corruption plans for several months. (PTI)



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