Nepal Govt introduces new mountaineering rules

KATHMANDU, Apr 22: The Nepal Government has introduced new regulations for mountaineers planning to scale Mt Everest, in a bid to prevent overcrowding at the base camps and climbing trials.
As per the new rules, expedition groups which first receive permission to climb will get the first chance to climb the mountain.
The first-come-first-ascent rule will ensure that mountaineering groups that have already acquired permission to climb can make their attempt for summit in the first positive weather window.
Now, expedition organisers are allowed to arrange climbing trips with maximum of 170 climbers in each positive weather window.
Further, the new rules state that climbers must provide COVID-19 negative test reports in between climbing of different peaks in the country.
In its notice, the Department of Tourism said the new rules would ensure proper management of mountaineering route and climbers. (PTI)