Another tame draw as Carlsen retains two points lead

Chennai, Nov 19:
World champion Viswanathan Anand got an easy draw with black as challenger Magnus Carlsen continued his march towards the throne after the end of the eighth game of the World Chess Championship here today.
The morale boosting draw, first since the first game of the match, is likely to help Anand psychologically before the home stretch but the fact remains that the defending champion still has a lot to catch up.
For the records, Carlsen now leads by 5-3, just three draws or 1.5 points shy of winning his maiden world title with four games still to come in the 12-games match.
The eighth game was over in just 75 minutes, after 33 moves giving the indication that the defending champion Anand might be crawling back after some tough games and tougher defenses he has had to put in. From Carlsen’s perspective, the draw took the Norwegian a step closer in his quest. (PTI)


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