Akash missile ready for induction into Army: DRDO

NEW DELHI, June 18: Moving towards induction into operational service, the DRDO-developed Akash air defence missile system was today successfully test-fired by the Army and it hit an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Buoyed by the success of the air defence system, which has been in the making for over two decades now as part of the Integrated Missile Development Programme, the DRDO said the missile has a great potential for being exported because of its cost.

“Akash missile was successfully test fired in very low altitude near boundary mission by the Army. This flight trial was last among the validation trials being carried out by Army on the first off production models of Akash supersonic missile,” a DRDO release said.

The supersonic missile intercepted the very small unmanned fast moving “Banshee aerial vehicle at 30 m altitude above sea level proving the system capability against subsonic cruise missiles.”

The research agency said the multi-function radar with built in features tracked the low flying target continuously throughout its course.

“With this flight trial, Army accomplishes all validation trials on the first off production models and the system is being delivered for induction,” DRDO said.

DRDO chief Avinash Chander congratulated the teams from DRDO, production agencies and the Army for successful demonstration of intercepting the target in a low altitude near boundary mission.

“While indigenous development, production and induction of Akash is making very significant contribution to India’s self-reliance in air defence technologies, Akash also has great export potential,” he said.

Akash missile can hit targets including enemy aircraft, UAVs and helicopters at a distance of 30 km at an altitude of 18 km. (PTI)


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