Welcome Mr PM!

It has been a long period of 10 years of perseverance, hardwork and dedication which has borne the fruits of success with a pinch of humility added.  After listening to your speech at Central hall of Parliament, all you have done is reinforced my trust on you that this man means change, change for better. And I hope and wish that it remains so in the coming years too. Your repetitive usage of word ‘aasha’ (hope) though is optimistic but has brought onus on you to stand true on hopes of millions who have voted in your favour in clear majority without any benefit of doubt. This leaves you with a golden opportunity of turning things around without looking upto coalition partners and making an excuse.
When it comes to you, I somehow feel confident that there is no need to even pass a word to you on what you should do and what you shouldn’t but the fact remains that Actions speak louder than words and it’s your turn now. Still, with due regards I would like to bring forth certain areas of concern and request you to bring change in the same.
Education, the building block of any society has been trampled by so called educationists of our country and things needs to be put at place from infrastructure, curriculum to the faculty as each and every component coalesce to form a system. The youth to who you attach so much esteem and importance needs to prevented from moving out of the nation and work for our nation.
Health, other basic amenity needs special attention in terms of infrastructure, accessibility, quality of doctors and technology. Because without health, all other things remains futile. India has high potential for Medical Tourism but there is a lot that needs to be done before that.
Safety and Protection of women in which you have actually no practical role to play but still we hope that you will make sure that people abide by the law and respect women rather than objectifying and ridiculing their mannerisms. I understand the need of the hour to move ahead with large mine and other infrastructural projects but at the same time I want  you to promise us that area under forest cover should not dwindle and appropriate steps and alternatives are taken in preservation and conservation of the valuable natural resources.
Hoping for the change to dawn upon us and for the sun to shine brighter. Where billion stand united and determined to fulfill the zillion dreams .The indefatigable souls sow the seeds of hard work and dedication. So that tomorrow the generations are born in a prosperous and developed nation
Yours etc….
Karanvir Gupta
11M Shilong