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Harrassment to fair sex

With disappearance of moral and social values, fair sex in our society stands exposed to extreme exploitation, sexual harrassments domestic violence and even dowry-deaths. The head hangs in shame when instances of gang rapes, deaths due to suicide under compelling circumstances come to light. With globalisation of the society and living trends having been changed many activities are taking place which are entirely against traditional values we had once. Gone are the days when women folk used to be confined to four walls. Modernisation due to education and westernisation have enabled them to enjoy free and open life. But with degradation of moral values and punishments not matching to the crimes given to the guys who commit such heinous crimes, unworthy of any good social order, have failed to deter such persons. Examplary punishments socially and legally once inflicted can curb such activities. Security, dignity, honour and respectful life the womanhood deserves, if not protected and ensured to them, empowerment to woman folk is meaningless. The society which witnesses such scenes should also come forward to save them and condemn such acts. To curb this practice, NGOs, co-operation is to be sought so that the victims of such humiliations are consoled and encouraged to live a respectable to live a respectable life in the society instead of making them to die in shame.

Yours etc...
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)

Moral education in schools

Refer news item 'NCERT to look into resuming moral education at school level' DE Oct 29.
Mere teaching science subjects to students in this age is not going to do any good to the people of this country. Had Science alone been panacea for the ills facing the humanity, society would not have degenerated to the extent it has been right now.
Besides laws enacted for taking care of women, children and older persons are not enough to ensure that they live a dignified life. With laws we needs morals- self imposed checks on people to achieve the societal good.
Today, the situation has come to such a pass where children hardly respect their parents or elders in the society. This is obviously due to lack of sensitivity on the part of children towards this section of society. There were times in the past when teachers, gurus laid thrust on students to develop character, social responsibility and other aspect of life.
Now, times have changed. The present day teachers lay thrust on scoring marks in the examination. This has created cut throat competition among people. As a result social degeneration is rapidly making its impact in the form of crimes, deceit, theft and other vices. To avoid present day chaos and confusion in the society, it has become necessary that educational institutions introduce rather lay thrust on moral education.

Yours etc...
Sunita Sharma

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