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Road accidents

How tragic and unfortunate it is to read regarding loss of precious lives of innocent passengers in the recurring road accidents. Every reader however strong hearted he may be, is constrained to strain his nerve to find out the ways and means to stop this menance after having brought sadness in him for the loss already occurred.
The following points, however, can prove helpful in lessening the chances of further accidents :-
*The old out dated vehicles need to be replaced by new models with comforts for passengers. These vehicles need to be got checked frequently.
* Roads which require repairs and maintenance or widening for the smooth plying of traffic may be paid first and foremost attention by the concerned authorities.
* Overloading and violation of traffic rules be treated a crime against humanity punishable under law.
* Night driving needs to be stopped as far as possible.
* Drivers who are addicted to drinking may not be allowed to drive vehicles at all.
* While issuing driving licence to drivers it may be fully ensured that they have suffice and practice in the field for handling vehicles confidently. The passing officers should be men of calibre with a spirit of human feelings and dedication in their work.
* Traffic police is required to be made more vigilant and duty conscious. Those showing good performance need to be encouraged.
* A panel of high ups with transporter, driver and conductors be constituted to find out cause of accidents and suggestion to check them further.Yours

S C Gupta
Rtd ZEO Udhampu


Nuclear power boon or bane

This has reference to the write up on nuclear energy by Tavleen Singh DE 22.04.11. The writer has been impressively emphatic in her views advocating for the long term beneficial uses of nuclear energy for generating electricity while comparing it with conventional energy produced predominantly and adopted in India or elsewhere in the world.
While as no sane person can forget the miseries, the trauma and the economic losses borne by the people as a result of radiation exposure in eastern coastal cities of Japan which has pressurized the governments of the world including India to abandon the nuclear power plants, triggering a debate among the nations whether to adopt nuclear energy industry any further or continue with the thermal power generation or any other non conventional sources. Yet a million dollar question arises as to how our country is going to bridge the yawning gap between the demand and the generation of electricity from all the sources including hydel energy. India has touched a figure of nearly 120 Billion population wise and again nearly forty percent of figure sans access to electricity particularly in rural and remote areas. We as a power starved nation needs it for development and reconstruction which has forced the Govt to look for by and large clean energy and signing of Indo-Nuclear civil deal forms a milestone in this endeavour for making India self sufficient in electricity. Experts have been forewarning about the exhaustion of coal deposits in near future as the reserves are fast depleting and mining activity of this resources is at variance with the protection of the environment laws as it invariably requires clearance of core forest resource located in the interior and economically backward tribal belts of central and eastern India inviting protests and legal interventions. Already various ministries in the Government are at loggerheads and in certain cases the projects are being delayed for want of clearance.
The justification in favour and against nuclear power generation stations advanced by the experts needs to be investigated properly on its merits and demerits and comparing it with toxic air pollution emanating from thermal power units and the thinning water levels in the hydel dams.
Yours etc...
Virander Khashu
7/1, Anand Nagar
Bohri (Jammu)

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